If you were mesmerized by the look and show of the Times Square in the images you saw on the internet, it was partly because of the use of vinyl films over large windows or other hard surfaces in the buildings. These vinyl films or decals have now made their entry big time in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai stickers can now be seen on the roadside building and the windows of stores depicting models and on the items that are sold in these showrooms.


Decals stickers are not a new phenomenon as we have been seeing them around for quite some time now. Initially these vinyl films were used over the surfaces of buses and boats to create eye catching advertisements and posters of rich and famous models. But decals and stickers have made their way into homes now, after people have seen their majestic effect over the large windows in malls and super stores. You also see these vinyl films on display windows quiet frequently these days. Dubai stickers can be found in all shapes and sizes and many different designs. However, Islamic art and calligraphy dominate these decals and stickers and also applied overt the walls in the rooms.


There is a rage for these decals and stickers in Dubai

People in Dubai have taken to decals stickers big time and more and more walls inside the city can be seen decorated with these stickers. Islamic art is considered spiritually very uplifting and mesmerizing. These stickers create the impression of an Islamic scripture being inscribed on the walls of the room. Though Islamic art mainly consists of calligraphy and painting, there are Dubai stickers with beautifully written sentences from the holy Quran too.


Dubai stickers are not all about religion or calligraphy in Arabic. This is because people are not falling head over heels, when it comes to selecting Islamic art stickers for all rooms in their homes. If calligraphy is best reserved for walls in the living room, cartoon characters and animal stickers dominate the walls of all kids today. There are all sorts of decals stickers for various rooms in a home. Bathrooms mostly have aquatic themes, beach themes etc. This is the reason why one finds sea animals and water forming the backbone of all stickers used in bathrooms these days.


This is also the reason why kitchens’ today contain pictures of recipes and ice creams to reflect the craze among the people for these dishes. Imagine sitting on the dining table in front of a wall with huge decals stickers depicting your mouth watering foods and beverages. When it comes to decals stickers for bedrooms, most people prefer abstract art or natural scenery, so that they are close to nature when they get up early morning. No matter which theme you prefer for various rooms, there can be no two opinions about the fact that these decals make the interiors of any home very lively and inviting to say the least.


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