DUBLIN — Dublin Airport which is the largest airport in Ireland is now witnessing a spike in passenger numbers owing to the introduction of passenger friendly facilities at Dublin Airport Terminal 2 and promotion of its strategic location. The airport which saw a slump in numbers during the years 2008 and 2010 by a drastic 21% is now on its way to passenger number growth with more than a 4% rise in expected in 2013.

Normally, for travelers who travel to the US on business and pleasure take the London route considering how well connected it is to all the major cities in the US. But, passengers have and continue to complain about the additional travel time they need to spend and also the hassle of going through travel proceedings in a busy airport.

Dublin Airport has provided the much awaited relief to these passengers by giving them a more convenient and less expensive option. Dublin as it turns out cuts down on the time and the money spent on travel on routes from Europe to the United States.

Much of this growth can be attributed to the introduction of new routes into the United States. In fact, American Airlines has just launched a daily service from Dublin Airport to JFK while 2014 will see Aer Lingus re-open direct routes to San Francisco which will cater for the numbers travelling from Silicon Valley to Ireland. These new developments have helped record a massive growth of 18% in the number of travelers travelling from Ireland to the United States.

With this growth new partnerships have flourished. In a recent interview DAA Deputy CEO Oliver Cussen stated “the United States is a key trading partner for Ireland from both a business and tourism perspective, and this new JFK service will deliver additional business and leisure visitors to the Irish market.”

Not only that, with new routes being introduced and new partnerships taking shape, several other businesses stand to gain from the induced demand. Hotel reservations, car rental providers and the likes have witnessed a spike in demand because of this new development. Overall, this is news that benefits not only the airport authorities of Dublin and respective airport personnel of the United States; to the passengers this good news comes in the wake of increased travel time and cost.

Media Contact
Ronan Menton