Ducerus is a company that specializes in helping students and their families cope with the stressful process of applying to college, gaining acceptance and funding college attendance. Now, Ducerus offers several tips for first-time and returning college students to make the transition to higher education easier.

Ducerus is a company that prides itself on helping families and students who want to attend college find the means to do so without crippling student loans. Now, the company that has helped thousands of students find the right college at the right price has some insider tips on returning to campus in the fall.

First, the experts at Ducerus say that it is very important for students to bring everything they need to school if they are planning to move into a dorm or apartment. It is usually much cheaper to plan ahead and buy all necessary supplies than to try to pick these things up in the school bookstore. Paper, pencils, pens, notebooks and other basic items are almost always less expensive at discount stores near home, while laptop computers, tablets and other electronic items are usually cheaper to buy online. However, experts warn that parents and students should fully understand the school's electronics policy before purchasing any items and be sure that the technology they buy is compliant with the school's systems.

Another tip from these experts is that parents and students should carefully examine the question of food and lodging expenses. Dorm rooms and meal plans are convenient but are also some of the most expensive items that students purchase during their college years.

It may be cheaper for the student to room with friends off-campus or, better still, attend a college near home and commute. Commuting is one way to save tens of thousands of dollars in overall college costs.

Finally, the Ducerus experts advise that just before fall semester begins is sometimes a good time to revisit school applications that have been turned down. As students change plans, spots may open in a "first-choice" school that may now be willing to accept a student who can be ready to attend immediately.

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