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DUI Attorney recently augmented its website with a number of DUI videos. They offer people facing criminal charges a way to familiarize themselves with the Florida DUI code as it pertains to their case. They also present options to consider regarding defense strategies and charge reduction.

The DUI Attorney Jacksonville website focuses on providing all one needs to know regarding drunk driving laws in Florida. The new videos extend what is offered, including giving tips on how to obtain a quality Jacksonville lawyer.

The information supplied through the new video resource is valuable to tourists and residents alike. Those new to the area or visiting Duval County only temporarily particularly benefit, as website videos and articles help orient the viewer to local law enforcement procedures, local attorneys, and the potential consequences of being convicted or a DUI-related crime.

However, many longstanding residents who find themselves arrested for driving while intoxicated have had no prior exposure to what is often a devastating experience. All visitors to gain a clear understanding of their legal rights and find trustworthy referrals to local DUI law firms.

As in most states, blood alcohol concentration for Florida drivers must be below 0.08 to be considered legal. Usually, one or two drinks are sufficient to exceed this threshold.

When someone is arrested on DUI charges, it is advisable for him or her to retain a Jacksonville DUI lawyer right away. Otherwise, important deadlines might be missed and legal rights might be inadvertently waived. For instance, a hearing request to restore driving privileges must be made within ten days of arrest.

The Jacksonville DUI Attorney website is always accessible. Defendants can review videos and other content on a number of topics related to driving under the influence, including public intoxication and the legal risks of underage alcoholic consumption and possession.

Also, recently added videos address the surprisingly high occurrence of improper police procedures, faulty sobriety tests, and unwarranted DUI arrest. Nearly 30% of Florida arrests are thus incorrectly made (individuals not actually under the influence of alcohol or drugs). Needless to say, it can be critical to consult the best DUI attorneys in Jacksonville whenever arrest procedures are questionable.

College students who are still minors need to be aware of Florida’s zero tolerance law for underage drinking when they flock to the Sunshine State for spring break. Even mere possession of alcohol by a minor can be prosecuted, and the penalties are rather severe.

Minors lose their driving privileges for consuming alcohol, and some form of incarceration is commonly imposed. Parents are held responsible for paying bail, legal fees, and court costs.

Videos discussing all kinds of DUI charges and their associated penalties are available in the online resource center. Those who take the time to familiarize themselves with the Florida DUI code and to locate qualified attorneys have a much better chance of seeing their charges reduced or even dismissed.

Visitors to the Jacksonville DUI Attorney website will not be disappointed. All videos are packed with essential information, and the site provides the tools needed to find the best DUI lawyers in Jacksonville . is geared towards helping people arrested for driving under the influence. Website visitors find helpful videos, valuable advice, and the best DUI lawyers in Jacksonville . Our information is the most comprehensive and our personnel the most skilled. See today.

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