A smartphone app that enables users knows in advance if there is a DUI checkpoint in their area. With this information, the users will less likely to drink and drive to avoid possible traffic charges.

The ultimate aim of the app is to help curb the dangers of drunk driving and sensitize the public, the importance of being sane when driving and the offense associated with unrestricted driving.

DUI Dodger, a $0.99 app for iPhone is created by Anaheim Hills resident, Geno and developed by San Diego-based Examp.com. The major three technology giants, Apple, Google and Blackberry, have approved it and it is currently sold on the Apple App Stores. Some US senators have opposed the sales of the DUI Dodger app; they believe that it will help drunken drivers evade checkpoints, thereby avoiding consequences of the law.

In many US states, the dui checkpoints are many and changing. These checkpoints are usually setup in the night or early in the morning. They are transient in nature, so the listing can expire after 24 hours. With the expiration, a user may see the listing as inaccurate, they will "flag" the listing and it will mark on the DUI checklist.

Besides, the DUI Dodger that locates DUI checkpoints, there is a Blood Alcohol Calculator that computes the BAC level based on some variables. It equally has a "Walk the line" game that measures the user's stability as they walk through, showing their state as unbalance or balance. The app. gives critical facts and myths about drunk driving.

Geno Rose, a high school teacher and entrepreneur is the creator of the DUI Dodger. He was educated at Azusa Pacific University and owns some software startups that include www.duidodger.com, www.duicheckpointfinder.com, www.theathletelounge.com, and www.hiddenholidaylights.com. He believes that DUI Dodger will thrive especially where the law and legislation have not been able to stop drunk driving.

DUI Dodger is a smart phone app that enables users view and submits DUI checkpoints in their area. The app let users mark where they saw a DUI checkpoint, which will then be seen by anyone in that area that has the app on their phone. Having this type of information, people will be less inclined to drink and drive, since they know that there's checkpoint. Drinking and driving is a major offense in US.

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