DUI Lawyer Daytona Beach.net has recently upgraded its website to include a DUI video educational center. The videos provided furnish important details on the Florida DUI code as prosecuted in Volusia County. They are designed to facilitate the process of defending charges related to driving under the influence.


Moreover, the DUI Lawyer Daytona Beach videos are optimized for easy viewing on various mobile devices. Defendants need as much help as they can get learning about their charges and the potential penalties they face, as well as finding the best DUI lawyers in Daytona Beach to defend them.

The website video resource center is useful whether the arrestee is a Daytona resident or tourist. Visitors in unfamiliar surroundings especially appreciate the valuable legal information, including referrals to criminal attorneys, that helps them get oriented and organized.

Similar to most states, Florida makes it illegal to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration above 0.08. The same legal threshold applies to those attending public events. It takes only a modicum of alcoholic consumption to exceed this threshold.

The consequences of a DUI conviction are severe, including automatic suspension of the driver’s license. Arrestees are granted ten days to request a hearing to plead for reinstatement of driving privileges. Obviously, attorney assistance in such matters is of tremendous benefit.

A great asset of the Daytona DUI Attorney site is its 24/7 accessibility. Examples of video topics are underage drinking, public intoxication, legal definitions of driving-while-intoxicated offenses, and editorials.

Additionally, site visitors will find videos discussing wrongful DUI arrest. Surprisingly, faulty equipment or human error results in false positives from sobriety and chemical tests about a fourth of the time.

Therefore, fighting DUI charges and mounting a vigilant defense is definitely worthwhile. To help navigate the complications involved in wrongful DUI arrest cases, consult the Daytona Beach best DUI attorneys to guarantee obtaining quality legal representation.

Another topic covered by the video resource center is underage drinking. The zero tolerance policy instituted by Florida means minors face stiff penalties when convicted of alcohol consumption or possession.

Daytona Beach is serious about enforcing this policy because thousands of students descend upon it annually for spring break. Mass alcoholic consumption seems to be the intent for many of them, but if they get arrested they could spend 60 days in jail.

Additional penalties imposed on minors almost always include license suspension and hefty court fines, not to mention legal fees. Needless to say, minors who find themselves in such a difficult spot will greatly benefit from the videos offered by the resource center.

There is a wealth of information on the website, both in text and video format. But when dealing with the stress associated with arrest, many people prefer to view the videos to learn their available options. You can’t go wrong with the Daytona Beach best DUI lawyers .

DUILawyerDaytonaBeach.net addresses the concerns of those arrested locally for offenses related to driving under the influence. Website visitors have access to articles and videos that zero in on their most pressing needs, such as organizing an effective defense and getting reliable referrals to the best DUI attorneys in Daytona Beach.

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