United States of America; 15/01/2014: Houston is known for taking criminal DWI offense very seriously which has resulted in some serious consequences like suspension of the driver’s license, family strife, loss of employment, and loss of freedom. But a good criminal law firm can be of great help in such situations and this Houston DWI attorney’s office is certainly one of them. DWI arrest is only the start of a legal process and doesn’t necessarily result in automatic jail time, loss of driving rights or fines. But still, one should definitely know the process in which they can steer their way from the situation and guard their rights to have a greater possibility of a positive result. 

Some of the observations that lead to a DWI arrest include usage of two lanes or straddling at the centre line, making too wide or too narrow a turn, almost hitting something or someone, being overly cautious and driving too slowly, being too close to the vehicle ahead, erratic braking, drifting or weaving from one roadside to another, etc. Arrested for DWI offense could get one a 90 days license suspension that can extend up to 2 years as well. Commercial drivers refusing or failing to do a breath test will automatically result in a disqualification of the driver’s license for up to 1 year. The Texas driving license will be taken by the arresting officer, who will then be issuing Notice of Suspension and a temporary driving permit. The individual will be getting 40 days to challenge the suspension but will be having only 15 days to perform that request. 

The best advice to follow when searching for a lawyer is to get in touch with the office of Mr. Herman Martinez. He is amongst the few Houston lawyers who have been a former Chief Prosecutor of the Harris County, in addition to being an Associate Judge and a District Court Attorney. He is also a certified test expert of Field Sobriety and even owns a similar machine used for conducting such breath tests. For 4 years, he has been listed amongst the top lawyers of Houston and is rated by Avvo.com as a “Superb” 10/ 10. Thousands of misdemeanour and felony DWI cases have been litigated by this Houston DWI attorney including intoxication assault and DWI with a child passenger. He has successfully represented thousands of clients at trial and other various phases of courtroom events including ALR hearings, probation violations, arraignment, preliminary hearings and sentencing hearings. 

The office of this DWI attorney in Houston is fully aware of how DWI charges can be stressful and confusing. This criminal defense lawyer in Houston is well aware of all the methods involved in DWI law and his specialised defense knowledge and experience will be giving all the answers that one might need. This will help in relieving some of the stress and make sure that the final result will possibly be the best outcome imaginable. 

About Houston DWI Attorney 

Mr. Herman Martinez who is actively engaged in litigating hundreds of those arrested under DWI offense in Houston. Being a Houston DWI attorney he is very much aware of the way the courts work here, in addition to being familiar with almost all of the judges presiding those sessions.