24, December 2014: There’s no question that a growing number of businesses are interested in going as “green” as possible, lessening their ecological footprint and becoming more environmentally friendly. Dwight Smith, is a prime example of a developer, who is making those efforts much more simple to execute by bringing to the market affordable green products businesses can use with sacrificing either form or function. His work with OnTray Media has won him particular praise. 

“Developing green products is my passion,” commented Smith. “I’m very proud to see some of the products I have developed become increasingly popular. It’s a win/win for everyone concerned!” 

Smith’s work with OnTray Media includes developing ecologically friendly Green advertising trays for businesses that are as beneficial to the end user as well as they are to the advertiser. According to the developer, he is now currently working on a pizza box system that will allow pizzas or other foods to stay hot for longer periods of time, all while using eco-friendly products. This is expected to revolutionize the way the industry approaches food delivery and takeout services. 

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