United States of America; 01, January 2015: People visit spa and salons to maintain their look and appearance. Due to busy lifestyles, many people get limited time to take care of themselves. The body, face and hair go through regular wear and tear due to involvement in different activities. Dyanna Spa is offering a wide range of comfortable and specialized treatments for face, skin, hair and full body. The professional spa in Manhattan was started off in 1983 and has grown by expanding its service line. 

Irrespective of skin type and hair color, electrolysis is widely considered as a suitable hair removal treatment. Dyanna Spa has certified and trained staff that specializes in removing excess facial and body hairs. It is done on body spots such as legs, face, abdomen, ears, eyebrows, lower lip, upper lip, back, underarms, shoulders, chest, and bikini area. The professionals only use disposable needles during such treatments which are safer than the laser treatments. Dyanna strives to be the best option for affordable electrolysis in Manhattan NY

The facial and skin care treatments are done by people of all ages. Nowadays, it is important to have a smart look as the society has become increasingly beauty oriented. Skin is the largest organ of the body and it deserves to be treated with care. Dyanna has variety of affordable skin treatments for both men and women as a part of its electrolysis in Manhattan NY services. It is suitable for all skin types including oily, acned, dry and blemished. There are European facials, deep pore cleansing facials, aroma therapy facials, peeling facials and skin facials with active propolis. 

Body waxing services are another area of specialization for Dyanna Spa. It uses the best quality products available in the market and initially gives a free consultation to clients. Mini test is also conducted on a small patch of the skin to ensure suitability before any treatment. The wax esthetician of the Manhattan Spa offers both Azulene and Cirepil blue hard wax. They wear special gloves and focus on ensuring the safety of clients. These professionals stick to a no double dipping policy and spatula is used only once. All the waxing services are done by them and the customers are treated with utmost respect and modesty. 

Facial threading services are also offered by Dyanna Spa. It includes eye brows threading, chin threading, cheek threading, upper lip and nose threading. The professionals use 100 % cotton thread which traps the hair into a mini lasso. The thread is rolled along the hair to be removed in a twisting fashion which removes it by the roots. Threading is a process which ensures perfectly shaped and contoured eyebrows for women. 

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Dyanna Spa is a one stop destination for body care, skin care and hair removal needs of the people in Manhattan. It strives to offer best quality and cost effective services for clients. It has won many awards and accolades for its contribution and service standards. Visit the website for more information on the services offered.