United States of America; 06, August 2015: Waxing treatments have become common with new generation. Apart from teenagers, adults and middle aged people also go for such treatments for personal reasons. It helps them in maintaining looks and comfort as many people find it problematic to deal with body hair. Dyanna Spa is well recognized offering a wide selection of waxing treatments and spa services in Manhattan since 1983. Those looking for Brazilian waxing discounts in NYC are welcome to try out from a complete array of wax treatments. The Manhattan Spa also provides a selection of body treatments ranging from scrubs to wraps.

The expert professionals of this spa lend their services in Microdermabrasion in Manhattan NY. Apart from being emerged as one of the pioneers in offering Brazilian treatments, it is looking to widen portfolio. The Spa has also ventured into providing facial microdermabasion for women. It is almost an age reducing treatment with multiple benefits and a non-surgical method. This involves methods and techniques to get rid of impurities, acne removal, blotchy spots, age spots, sun spots, scars and wrinkles off face. The special techniques may include exfoliating the epidermis, the topmost skin layer.

During the diamond microdermabrasion facial treatment, a specialized machine is used. It arrives with a wand of natural diamond chips along the tip to get rid of dead skin cells. This is again a technique which may stimulate fresh skin cells to grow. After the entire process, a nourishing sun block cream is also applied for ensuring minimal damage for refreshed skin. Dyanna Spa is also known for providing Manhattan electrolysis services at affordable price range. It is basically a hair removal treatment which is meant for different body parts. This includes eyebrows, legs, back, ears, lower lip, upper lip and more.

The electrolysis treatment done by certified experts and professionals is effective and safe. All of the experienced professionals make use of disposal needles for hair removal process. It may take multiple sessions to achieve perfect results. Free consultation sessions are also conducted with interested customers prior to actual treatment to ensure transparency. The whole process is designed and executed to be not painful at all although the tolerance levels may vary from person to person.

Dyanna Spa mainly practices two different types of waxing treatments. One of them is Azulene Wax which is a gentle and warm wax meant for quick hair removal. It is mainly done by the use of paper strips which is both impactful and secure irrespective of skin type. Another formula excelled by experts is the Cirepil blue hard wax which is a non-paper removal treatment for individuals having sensitive skin. It is well suited to be applied to sensitive regions of the body.

About Dyanna Spa:


Dyanna Spa is a Manhattan based spa with specialization in Brazilian waxing treatments. It has also ventured into providing full fledged electrolysis and microdermabrasion services. The professionals are well trained with specialization in their field of study. Visit the website for more information on waxing services offered.