Malaysia; 06, August 2015: There has been a huge transformation and development which the world of medical equipment has witnessed in the last decade. There has been substantial development which the optical equipment has witnessed as well. There are several companies which have come up with innovative and superior solutions for a range of optical needs and protection. Introduction of polarized replacement lenses is among the latest developments. Dynamix Lenses is a company which was started by the group of passionate opticians from Malaysia in the year 2013. They present a range of options in the field of Oakley replacement lenses. The company is certified by the Association of British Dispensing Opticians and had started off as opticians in retail optical stores. The company has been opticians for over a decade but are still working hard to expand and bring their services to a greater level.

Their products have been targeted towards customers who had complained of having scratches on their lenses and have been asking to get them replaced. However, in most cases there has been seen that they find it difficult to find suitable lenses due to the unique shapes, colours and sizes. Moreover, this prospective seems to be a costly affair as well. Hence, to bridge the gap between no supply and cost effective solutions, the Dynamix Lenses took the initiative for getting in touch with manufacturers from different countries and source high quality lenses at affordable prices. It took over 6 months to get the right material as well as benchmark all their prototypes as per the international standards before proceeding for production. They came up with the Replacement Oakley lenses which is offered to both domestic and international customers. By the year 2013 they had started their online store through eBay and had a warm response from its customers.

The products offered by the company could be viewed on their website which includes options like Oakley sunglasses replacement lenses and Oakley gascan replacement lenses. Clicking on the store would offer the customers the option to browse through all the products. The company today has a customer care team which serves a global community for better as well as product development team. In case of any queries customers can check the FAQ section on the website. The website also offers answers to queries like How to replace Oakley lenses?

About Dynamix Lenses:

Dynamix Lenses offers innovative and advanced polarized replacement lenses. The company is a group of professionals from the Optical Industry and has been working for over a decade. The company started selling its Oakley lenses from the year 2013. To know more about their products and buy them online, customers can check their website.