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The VAPESTICK e-cig has the general size, shape and coloring of a traditional tobacco cigarette. However, instead of using tobacco, it instead uses a flavor liquid that contains nicotine. When the smoker draws in on the Vapestick e-cig, the heating element turns the flavor liquid into water vapor which is then drawn into the lungs. Because there is no tobacco products used, there are none of the carcinogens present as well. This means that Vapestick products are allowed to use in publicly.

The 10% off Vapestick voucher applies to all products available from the Vapestick website. A typical starter kit from VAPESTICK will have a set of cartomizers, rechargeable battery and recharging unit. There are different types of starter kits that range from budget minded to one with full features included. Vapestick itself also comes with a wide range of flavor liquids. The nicotine content of the flavor liquids can be adjusted for those who want have the ability to possibly quit smoking. For more information about the 10% discount available and VAPESTICK reviews , visit E-CIG HUB.

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