Based out of Manchester, England, the VIP electronic cigarette is one of the more prominent in the UK. Featuring an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, the VIP provides the same experience using an electronic cigarette. This newly published VIP electronic cigarette review covers the basic properties of the VIP e-cig, the starter kits, flavor liquid options and overall performance of the VIP.

The VIP e-cig is designed as an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. The VIP e-cig has the same basic appearance, shape and coloring of a tobacco cigarette, but is instead a solid container that holds a rechargeable battery, heating element and flavor liquid. When in operation, the smoker takes a drag on the VIP e-cig which activates the heating element. This action turns the flavor liquid into water vapor and is drawn into the lungs. Because there are no carcinogens from tobacco present, the VIP e-cig is permitted to use in public areas in most areas.

The Vip e cig review itself offers a perspective on the equipment, variety and overall performance of the VIP electronic cigarette. The starter kits, which generally consist of a recharging unit, rechargeable batteries, cartomizers and appropriate cords and adaptors, are reviewed. Plus, the variety of flavor liquids and overall function are mentioned as well. The purpose of the review is to provide enough information so that potential customers can make the best informed decision about whether to purchase the VIP electronic cigarette. For more information about the review of the VIP electronic cigarette , visit E-CIG HUB.

Elizabeth Morgan
London, United Kingdom
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