A new review about E-Lites electronic cigarettes has just been published on E-CIG HUB. The review itself covers all the pertinent aspects about this particular brand of electronic cigarettes. E-CIG HUB is a website dedicated to reviews of popular e-cig brands and E-Lites is one of the more famous brands of electronic cigarettes in the country.

E Lites e-cigs offer those who smoke tobacco cigarettes an alternative that doesn’t have the carcinogens or cancer-causing agents. The E-Lites e-cig has the look, shape and color of a traditional tobacco cigarette, but the nicotine come in a flavor liquid. When the smoker draws in on the e-cig, a heating element causes the flavor liquid to turn into water vapor which is then drawn into the lungs. Because there are none of the carcinogens present, E-Lites was deemed ok to use in public areas.

The E-Lites reviews published on E-CIG HUB contains information about the starter kits, cartomizers, rechargers and overall performance of the product. The review covers one of the more popular starter kits and the contents. Plus, the overall performance is reviewed in terms of durability, taste and the overall qualities of the E Lites e-cig. The goal of the detailed review is to offer enough information so that any and all potential customers can make the best informed decision in terms of purchasing E-Lites.

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Elizabeth Morgan
London, United Kingdom
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