A new V2Cigs review has just been posted about the V2 electronic cigarette. The V2 is one of the more new electronic cigarettes in the UK, however it is famous elsewhere. This newly published review covers the product itself, the components and provides an informed perspective on its performance. The purpose of the review is to provide information for those who are considering purchasing this product.

The V2 electronic cigarette is an electronic devices designed to have the appearance of a traditional tobacco cigarette. However, the V2 does not use tobacco, but instead contains a flavor liquid that holds a pre-determined amount of nicotine. The V2 device or cartomizer is activated when the smoker draws in on one end. This action causes the internal heating unit to turn the flavor liquid into water vapor which is then drawn into the lungs. Because there is no tobacco, there are none of the carcinogens present in the V2cig , making it seem safer than cigarettes.

The V2 cigs review itself covers the components of the V2 beginning with the starter kits. There are a variety of V2 starter kits, but generally they contain a number of cartomizers, rechargeable batteries and a recharging device. The review covers all aspects of the V2 from the number of flavor liquids available to the actual performance of the product itself. The purpose is to give an informed opinion about the V2 for those interested in purchasing this product. For more information about the V2 review, please visit E-CIG HUB.

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