A new 15% off V2 coupon for their collection of electronic cigarettes has been released through E-Cig Ready. V2 Cigs is possibly the most popular e-cig in the entire US market. A new coupon code allows customers to take 15% off purchasing starter kits that are available for V2 Cigs.

The V2 electronic cigarette or e-cig is designed to be a tech alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarette. The V2 e-cig has the general size, shape and overall appearance of a tobacco cigarette, but instead of tobacco products, it contains a heating element, battery that recharges, and flavored liquid.

When the smoker pulls on the V2cigs , the heating element causes the flavor liquid to be turned into water vapor and it is drawn into the lungs. Due to there being no tobacco or harmful carcinogens present, the V2 e-cig can be used in public places.

The 15% off V2 Cigs discount applies to the various starter kits offered by V2 which contain a pre-set number of e-cigs or cartomizers, rechargeable battery, flavor liquids and recharging unit. The 15% off discount coupon is also accompanies by a review which offers an accounting of what the product includes and an unbiased opinion of the overall quality of the product. The review is designed to provide enough information so that people interested in purchasing this product as an alternative to tobacco smoking can make the best informed decision.

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