(Free Press Release) Essay writing or web content writing to give a boost to your online business;
Teens also can take writing as their career.

Essay writing or white paper writing or simple web content writing or other writing services including press releasers are often overlooked by website owners or companies. For them they are just some material that can be used to fill the empty space of the website. Fortunately this assumption does not hold good at website like seocontentonline.com or thoughtfulminds.org. According to seocontentonline.com owner Swadesh Rohilla it is the power of content that actually helps in bringing any website up in rankings.

In a small survey conducted by thoughtfulminds.org and its associate company seocontentonline.com more than 30% of the search engine optimization experts still underestimate the power of content in bringing the website up in rankings. Surprisingly when asked from an experienced SEO expert what he knows about the keyword density to be used in a proper web content, the answer that was obtained was far more than just a shock. He answered keyword density to be used in web content or simple content writing or other writing stuff like press release can be anything between 5-10%. This shows the ignorance in respect of writing services.

When asked from Swadesh Rohilla, the owner of thoughtfulminds.org and seocontentonline.com what he thinks of the role of writing in search engine optimization? He replied, “Well for me, if you want to make your website up in really fair way then you need to understand the importance of content. If you think by exchanging links or submitting urls to various social bookmarking sites or by stuffing keywords you can make your website up, then you are wrong. At least you are wrong in the eyes of Google”. He added”, for earning money from website or online business, it is very important to get the website optimized properly keeping in mind the right tools and techniques of search engine optimization. This also includes using informative, error free content without unnecessary overstuffed keywords. Remember good results can not be obtained in seconds, for that you need to take assistance of the best search engine optimization expert and copywriter and have to keep patience. You need to do your part and let the crawlers do their part”

Thoughtfulminds.org was founded on 26th March 2008 as the first company in Jaipur, India to deal solely with the writing services. Now it is into web design also. To add feathers in the cap, seocontentonline.com was launched recently to divide the work of web design and content writing. Now thoughtfulminds.org is dealing with web design and seocontentonline.com is the site for essay writing, content writing, SEO copywriting , article writing, article submissions, directory submissions, press release, white paper and all sorts of writing services.

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