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Do you live in Australia and seek an innovative composter for producing top-quality, nutrient-rich compost for fertilising your landscape or garden? For years Easy Composter , a premier provider of waste management and organic fertilising solutions in Coolum Beach, Queensland, has offered budding gardeners, landscape experts, and ‘green’ enthusiasts of all ages a state-of-the-art solution for waste management, environmental conservation, and organic fertilising in its Easy Composter® bin series. The company offers deliverable options for any location in Australia, starting at a delivery fee as low as $20 and ranging from $20-$65 based on a recipient’s location. Easy Composter has been selling these bins for nearly 30 years, and it enjoys an Australian-wide reputation for innovation in product design and its commitment to fostering better care of the environment and making a cleaner Australia a greater reality.

“We’re pleased to offer the Easy Composter compost bin to the public at any location in any part of Australia. We’re committed to offering environmentally aware consumers solutions that help preserve Australia and keep it green, while giving garden enthusiasts and experts a quality product for producing compost that is fantastic for organic fertilising,” said Rob Michaels, spokesperson for Easy Composter. “Australia’s municipal waste per person is estimated to be 690 kg of waste per year, and estimates say that over half of that waste is organic materials. Our product enables consumers to do their part for a greener Australia while obtaining nutrient-rich compost that will make their landscapes or gardens thrive.”

For better compost production and more economical residence or business waste consumption, the Easy Composter’s Australian compost tumbler enables users to mix just about any biodegradable materials for an effective compost mix. The materials decompose in a short period of just 14 days. The bins also incorporate a built-in mixing bar for good aeration and mixing, and a non-clogging inlet air system for optimised venting for top-of-the-line compost production. Strategically placed bin handles allow a user to empty compost into a wheelbarrow without bending his or her back, and the bin is elevated above the ground, keeping it from the reach of animals and making it easy to rotate. A lightweight product design further enhances the user’s compost experience as it makes the bin easy to move around and handle.

The Easy Composter® bin has a 200 litre capacity. The bins are 100% Australian made, and are made of 100% steel, without any plastic materials, removing any chances of the bin being affected by UV rays or of hazardous chemicals spilling into compost over time. The bins come in three colorbond colour options, Cottage Green, Dunne, and Ironstone, or a galvanised steel paint cover. Both bin types are designed to last through the harshest of climate conditions in Australia, and the galvanised bin has paint covers that protect against corrosion and rust build-up. With these features, the Easy Composter® compost bin has a product life cycle up to 20 years, but has been known to even exceed that based on user care.

With all of these innovative product features, gardeners or outdoor enthusiasts are able to cut down on their carbon footprint, cut down on their water usage and landfill, and build a cleaner, more vibrant Australia. Multiple customers have noted the nutrient-rich, top-quality compost that the Easy Composter® compost bin provides. The bin allows users to have the best compost generation experience possible by combining product efficiency, functionality, and usability for effortless production. Easy Composter also shares all necessary information and additional tips for best composting practices so customers are able to get all that they deserve from the bin.

Enterprising gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts desiring top-class compost while contributing to Australia’s environmental well-being for future generations can learn more about compost tumblers here: http://www.compostbins.net.au/  or call them toll free for more information.

About Easy Composter

Easy Composter is a leading compost bin manufacturer that has provided innovative waste management and organic fertilising solutions to all of Australia for over 25 years. The company’s flagship product, The Easy Composter® bin is designed by Nickel Engineering, an engineering company known for its innovation in compost bin and hot water systems that are durable, functional, and efficient. Easy Composter’s compost bin offers much greater functionality than the average compost bin, allowing users to enjoy minimised materials decomposition time and obtain top-quality compost for quality organic fertilising. The bin’s materials are also built to ensure it lasts for decades. Known Australia-wide for its dedication to environmental stewardship and customer needs-driven product innovation, Easy Composter is dedicated to giving its customers the most effective and efficient environmentally friendly products possible that are at the same time versatile, user-friendly, and functional.

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