USA - Whether for personal use or for the professionals in the audio, video and movie industry, having media in a number of different formats is essential. And for this, there are a number of software applications out there, some of which are free and others that are quite expensive as well as exhaustive. If one is searching for a good, free, safe and easy to use 3GP to MOV Converter , one doesn’t have to look any further!

This software has all the various desirable features one requires when looking for a 3GP to MOV Converter. Basically it is absolutely free and very easy to download. All one has to do is go to the website and the downloading and the installation is completed within minutes, if not faster. When downloading free software or freeware as it is called, one problem people might come up against is attached malware. There is no such problem with this software as it is a safe, secure and legal download and comes without any attached adware or any other undesirable software, which might clutter one’s system.

The website says, “The software is comparatively safer than any other tool since it does not allow any malware to hamper the system's functioning.”

Another problem with such applications is even the most expensive ones can be confusing. This is especially the case with the all inclusive software programs which are so confusing that understanding the layout and the various options and features available might take ages. But this is not the case here as this software comes with a simplistic layout and easy to comprehend design. The time taken for conversion is also very less and the quality of the media remains unaffected by the format change. This software also has advanced options to optimize the audio and video parameters of the files during conversion.

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The website provides the safe, easy to use and malware-free 3GP to MOV Converter which is free of cost and legal.

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