(Free Press Release) Fans of Easy 96 LLC have something to rejoice. It has become the favorite Indian radio station in the US.

This is a huge achievement for the channel which has been catering to the music taste of the Indians and the Asian community at large. The channel has been successfully giving Indians a taste of their music 1000‘s of miles away from the shores of India.

Easy 96‘s huge fan following has been due to its comprehensive collection of Indian music. It caters to all age groups and covers all genres of Indian music starting from devotional and classical to the more upbeat and peppy Bollywood numbers. The program formats on the station have been made keeping Indian taste in mind.

One of the reasons for the success of Easy 96 has been its two pronged strategy of reaching the audience through the traditional FM/SCA radio signal in four states and to the rest if the world using the power of the Internet. Easy 96‘s request program has become especially popular with the audience who can listen to their favorite songs and make others hear them too.

To know more about Easy 96 LLC please visit http://easy96.com