New York; 15, August 2015: Often preserving a design idea spells complication for designers. Electronic designs may bring complexities for both seasoned engineers and first timers. Sharing a prototype with clients can be the need of the hour. EasyEDA is an initiative by a group of engineers with a passion for electric design. It is basically freesoftware for creation of electronic circuit schematic and simulate. The PCB design tool is well built to integrate powerful schematic structure and mixed mode circuit stimulation in a seamless cross platform browser environment. It caters to the need of people from different professions including hobbyist, students, educators and electronic engineers.

Users can also verify the digital, analog and mixed single circuits with the spice models and subcircuits. The EDA tools are enough powerful to provide a URL for sharing the new design. Results can be derived quickly out of their cloud based servers. A user can embed the image into their blogs, wikis and hosted office applications. Opening the standard JSON files are also easy using a range of text editors for creating and editing symbols. Multilingual support is also provided for collaborating on projects with read and write permissions. The electronic circuit simulator can be well monitored to make changes accordingly.

EasyEDA can be used in a number of cases for business, education and individuals. It can be also operated on dual fronts which includes an offline application. EasyEDA aims to consistently provide a disruptive innovation and free of cost web based tools. Among its money making services includes PCB assembly, PCB orders, special project reviews and advertising. There are different plans with pricing based on client requirements. It took five years for the website professionals to establish it in a proper manner.

EasyEDA is made to protect the design in more ways than one. Through the entire domain, Secure Socket Layer technology would encrypt the data transferred between computers and servers. Files can be saved locally while multiple copies of each file are saved in local database. Servers are strong enough to backup the designs properly and frequently. Users are also welcome to visit the support forum and tutorial for contacting the question. Old designs can be also imported from Altium Designer, Eagle, LT spice, and Kicad.

The website came into existence with an aim to help designers shift from idea to manufactured prototype. EDA experience is more convenient by availing their services. It allows anyone to enjoy their full journey starting from a concept to the final product. Anyone is welcome to share their ideas on how they can avail these services.

About EasyEDA:

EasyEDA is a free online portal offering a wide range of plans and schemes for PCA design, assembling, advertising and special project reviews. It is also a secure way for electric circuit design perseveration and storage. Visit the website for more information on the services offered.

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