Facebook and mobile have become important channels for businesses to reach out to their target markets and acquire customers. The consumers of today want to be able to discover and communicate with things they like or need from mobile devices, but it has been a challenge for them to make businesses understand the same. Picking up on the trend, the top social media platform recently announced a new solution called lead ads.

Facebook Lead ads simplify the mobile sign up process helping businesses hear people who are interested in what they have to offer.

While the new feature makes it easier for brands to generate leads, it is retrieving the data and nurturing the leads efficiently that will help a business grow. The problem with lead ads is that they store all your leads only in a downloadable CSV.

This is where the integration of Easysendy Pro and LeadsBridge comes in.

EasySendy Pro - Ahybrid email marketing platform that integrates with multiple SMTP relay service providers to enable effective delivery of campaigns to your leads. Easysendy Pro helps marketers split test email deliveries and track their performance closely. The tool offers a smart autoresponder and enables marketers to create smart segments of their email list before pushing out a campaign.

LeadsBridge - An automation tool that connects your lead ads campaign to your preferred CRM or autoresponder. It then lets you import all the leads instantly without having to manage various CSV files manually.

The integration helps marketers seamlessly keep all their leads engaged with their business by sending autoresponders with opt-in offers, content upgrades and more, without any complex manual work.

Some of the benefits that marketers will be able to leverage from this smart integration include:

Seamless integration with Facebook ads, making it easier to manage your marketing campaigns and the leads captured through them.

Triggered lead nurturing with EasySendy Pro autoresponder that sends updates to the leads collected on Facebook.

One click integration with Facebook leads to unleashing the power of hybrid email marketing

Lead ads sync is one of the notable features of the LeadsBridge:

It Syncs all your lead ads in real time with your preferred CRM and email marketing software, like EasySendy Pro. It helps you start your sales funnel as soon as a lead comes in, making the process far more efficient and reducing the sales cycle exponentially with perfect timing.

Inbox Notifier (lead ads to email) - Receive an email for every lead you get through lead ads to quickly begin your conversion cycle while the lead is engaged.

Welcome email and coupons - Start the conversation with a lead as soon as he subscribes by sending across a welcome email or a discount coupon that will keep him interested.

Fields mapping - Sync all your lead information collected from lead ads with an easy-to-use fields mapping tool. From campaign name, job titles, phone numbers and more, it lets you understand your potential customer better.

Lead ads questions insights - Research your target market with Lead Ads’ Questions. Get deeper insights with LeadsBridge from all the responses you generate.

With over 1 billion active users on Facebook, the social media channel is a definite part of marketing strategies across the B2B and B2C domain. The only way to make it work for your business to grow is to use smart tools that will help you integrate the Facebook advertising strategy to your other marketing campaigns.

Simply put, Facebook marketing is not just going to be more powerful with this integration, but also highly effective and efficient for marketers to execute.

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