Email is the most fundamental tool a marketer uses to bridge the gap with their leads and customers. It has never been so easy to connect with users directly, until issues like deliverability cropped up. Despite various safegaurd measures, emails landed into the spam boxes. Thus, marketers turned to hybrid email solutions where a hosted email campaign management system is integrated with a cloud-based email service provider. A cloud-based email service provider, EasySendy Pro is hands-on for effective email sending.

Thanks to the humongous data and large email lists, email marketing for a marketing agency is getting difficult day by day. EasySendy Pro's micro-delivery and micro-segmentation features combat such issues seamlessly. It helps to deliver emails directly to the inboxes.

EasySendy Pro lets marketing agencies use their choice of email relays like Amazon SES, Mandrill, SendGrid, Sparkpost, Leadersend, Dyn, Elasticemail, MailGun, SendinBlue, MailJet, TipiMail and MailerQ. With a white-label account of EasySendy Pro, a marketing agency can connect its SMTP relays easily too.

This tool also allows agencies to conduct split test email deliveries across the relay servers, and check the reports, track email clicks, and the open rates of each email campaign. Pro also has a smart autoresponder and advanced email list segmentation based on the subscriber interactions initiated via the email campaign.

With all these solutions at disposal, a marketing agency can deliver emails at lightening speed, especially during the holiday seasons, where demand for email deliveries are quite high.

EasySendy Pro gives agencies a choice to send emails through Global email delivery provider. This gives an opportunity to the agencies to optimise the email deliveries according to the client needs. Overall, the pricing is also based on the CPM model. Hence, Pro has an optimised price chart as well.

Pro has a host of integrations (Google Analytics, Zapier, and WordPress) and it has features like:

●    Custom web forms to capture emails
●    Custom subscriber pages
●    Email template editor
●    Custom fields
●    Tracking domain setup
●    Auto bounce and complaint handling setup
●    Subscriber segmentation filtering
●    RSS/JSON feed emails
●    API

EasySendy Pro provides with detailed reports on every email campaign. Starting with detailed insight on email delivery activities to other important points like email open rates in the re-engagement email campaign- Pro has it all.

Campaign re-engagement is another most useful feature which enables agencies to nudge the subscribers again. This helps in increasing subscriber engagement. It is also a proven method that leverages email open rate by up to 150 percent. Such emails are mostly sent out to those who have opened the previous email once and haven't performed any action, or to those who haven't open the email at all.

EasySendy Pro helps in making email segmentations automatically. Agencies find it easier to decide whom to send what. EasySendy Pro offers the option to add 10,000 subscribers atm$19/month. When Amazon SES account is connected with EasySendy Pro, up to 10,000 emails are delivered at just $1. Agencies can send unlimited emails every month to respective delivery servers. Overall, Pro keeps the cost in check.

EasySendy Pro is currently serving more than 1800 businesses globally and is all set to spread out to sales-ready markets of USA, Europe, And Australia. EasySendy Pro is also steadily matching up pace with emerging markets of India, Brazil, Mexico, and South East Asia. From Affiliate to NGO, education to eCommerce, agriculture, daily deals/eCoupons, entertainments, events, social networks and communities- EasySendy Pro is catering all these sectors and much more with effective email deliveries.

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EasySendy Pro is a email marketing web application which is helping 1800+ business to deliver [NO SPAM] email campaigns through cloud SMTP relays with more inbox placement and high email open rate.

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