09, December 2015: Ebony Hutchinson is known as a trendsetter, taste-maker, traveler, and entrepreneur in the DC Metro. She's been in the marketing/customer care industry for 10+ years while working on building her brand. Ebony has established herself on social media as an "IT" girl in the DMV area; in the beauty, style and fashion. As an everyday mom and entrepreneur, she can literally post a pic and get hundreds of likes and a few dozen comments; this is what makes her a trendsetter.


Ebony’s followers often inquire about her style, fashion and traveling adventures; that is what makes her a taste-maker. She is known for her gorgeous mane always being on point, she's experimented with various styles lengths and textures but she felt like the quality of hair she was getting fell short of her expectations; so in 2014 she started researching opportunities in the hair industry. In the Spring of 2015; Ebony launched her luxurious hair brand Diamond Mink Collection. With photo shoots completed and the website live, the Diamond Mink Collection is here. And soon to be the "go to" brand for luxurious looks for all styles, lengths and textures.


Ebony is always asked "What made her launch her hair brand?" she says that she's acquired an eye for high quality extensions from continuously spending large amounts of money on hair that wasn't of the highest grade she said she "basically tried everything out there" so she decided to start building relationships with luxury hair extension manufacturers. She adds that she was driven by simply being tired of wasting money and says that "Really with a nice investment you should only have to purchase extensions once a year". Ebony believes high quality hair is not an accessory but a necessity. With that being said she has launched the "Diamond Girl" search a campaign designed to add more exposure to aspiring models and entrepreneurs while highlighting everyday confident women. Whether a model, entrepreneur, mom or student the diamond girl is a girl who oozes confidence; that's just as smart as she is beautiful and it shows thru her leadership. The campaign is a push for women and girls to feel more confident and beautiful but it's mainly to empower young ambitious women offering them a simple path to entrepreneurship.