E-Lites Electronic Cigarette Company gained notoriety with its commercial featuring a baby dancing Gangnam Style. In addition to their clever marketing campaign, the e-cig company does offer a relatively popular electronic cigarette product. E Lites is based out of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire and was launched in 2008, when it almost instantly emerged as a major electronic cigarette company. A total of five rechargeable electronic cigarette starter kits are currently available via their main website and range in price from £19.99 to £64.99. The most basic of which is named the E40, which includes a single battery, cartomizer and USB charger. The most premium of E-Lites starter kits is the E-Pro 4 that comes with 2 rechargeable batteries, a touch case, five cartomisers, mains adapter and USB charger.

eCig Deals announcement of a 5% off E-Lites coupon code should not be taken lightly as E-Lites rarely offers discounts of any kind on their products. Electronic cigarettes have steadily grown in demand since their initial production in China. Acting as a tobacco cigarette substitute, electronic cigarettes offer smokers a way to enjoy the physiological process of smoking without the harmful effects of tobacco. Despite lacking tobacco, health professionals often cite the lack of conclusive long-term data deeming electronic cigarette solutions as safe. This has created quite the controversy in recent news as lawmakers, acting to please public demands, have set into motion the possible regulation of electronic cigarettes. Additional controversy involving e-cigarettes is that they may appeal to younger nonsmoking generations with their wide variety of flavours. Nevertheless, many former smokers now e-cig users view electronic cigarettes as not perfect but certainly better alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

Brian Logan founded eCig Deals after personally making the switch to electronic cigarettes from tobacco. He asks that users visiting his site with knowledge of better deals and/ or discounts to contact him. Logan hopes that eCig Deals will help users save a few pounds on the electronic cigarette of their choosing.

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