Online electronic cigarette review website, eCig Vision has recently released a 5% off Halo Cigs coupon valid on all orders. Halo Cigs is a United States-based electronic cigarette manufacturer and distributor that sell everything from refillable tank-based e-cigarettes to e-liquids. Halo Cigs tank-less rechargeable electronic cigarette is a 2-piece system composed of a cartomizer and battery. Despite marketing their Triton Tank System devices, the tank-less systems remain their most popular product due in part to their simplicity and lower cost. Combine their already reasonable prices with the 5% off Halo cigs discount code currently available and you have yourself a reason to try Halo Cigs.

Halo Cigs Electronic Cigarette’s most popular model, the G6 E-Cigarette is available in a variety of battery colors for a level of user personalization. The G6 E-Cigarette Starter kit carries a market price of $44.99 and includes 2x rechargeable lithium ion batteries, a 5-pack of cartomizers, 1x USB adapter, 1x Halo carrying case and 1x wall charger. Adding the 5% off Halo e-cig coupon to the G6 Starter Kit price gives buyers a great incentive to try Halo Cigs most popular kit. In addition to the coupon code, eCig Vision’s page also features a brief review/ overview of Halo Cigs. Overall, the review is in favor of trying out Halo Cigs G6 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit especially for those that appreciate a modern appearance.

Electronic cigarettes have recently gained a great deal of attention as health agencies have placed the product under greater scrutiny for unknown long-term effects of the vapor produced. Tobacco giants such as Altria Group and Lorillard have also entered the expanding e-cigarette market, indicating that even they believe electronic cigarettes are here to stay.

eCig Vision is a website devoted to providing the latest and most objective reviews on electronic cigarettes to date. The site has recently added a deals section under which the Halo Cigs E Cig coupon code can be found.

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