eCig Vision’s announcement of a 10% off GreenSmoke coupon code allows reluctant buyers to give the e-cig company a try. Founded by Laura Brandel in 2013, eCig Vision’s primary goal is to provide consumers with more objective and factual electronic cigarette reviews. In addition, eCig Vision does have pages devoted to discount codes and deals on electronic cigarettes and starters. Brandel hopes that active users will send in any codes not listed on her webpage so that others may also benefit from the savings.

A giant among electronic cigarette companies, Green Smoke was founded in 2008 and based in Miami, Florida. Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes has experienced an overwhelming growth in sales figures primarily in the United States, where national annual e-cigarette sales have recently surpassed $1 billion. With such a looming figure as $1 billion, many electronic cigarette companies have launched hoping to secure their share of the growing market. With the increasing number of electronic cigarette companies to choose from, it seems to be more of a consumers’ market as companies try to outdo one another’s prices. As a result, limited time discount and Green Smoke coupons are often released with hopes of driving new customers toward their products.

Green Smoke was given a score of 9.4 on eCig Vision’s scale. Brandel’s review provides a general overview of the company as well as more specific details pertaining to particular kits and accessories and an exclusive Green Smoke discount . Green Smoke’s 2-piece electronic cigarette is comprised of a battery and cartomizer. Like many electronic cigarette companies, Green Smoke has chosen to simplify the electronic cigarette by combining the atomizer and cartridge into the cartomizer. This provides for the advantage of less to worry about but comes at a great overall cost, as cartomizers are typically unable to be refilled. Pros of Green Smoke’s offerings listed on eCig Visions review include their attention to quality control, warranty and overall aesthetics. Brandel did not seem too thrilled with the design of the dedicated USB electronic cigarette that allows users to continually vape while plugged directly into a power source. To see more Green Smoke coupon codes and other e-cig discounts visit, eCig Vision.

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