Many of the larger electronic cigarette companies have found their core group of patrons, making it much less common for special offers to be released. However, electronic cigarette review website, eCig Vision has managed to secure two different Vapor Couture coupon codes . The first gives users 15% off all starter kits and the second, 10% off all other orders. As usual, the promotional offer will only apply when buyers purchase directly from the Vapor Couture website. In addition, the same page that hosts the coupon code also features a brief review of Vapor Couture.

According to the brief review below the vapor couture coupon code offer, the e-cigarette company is actually a subsidiary of electronic cigarette giant, V2 Cigs. The focus of Vapor Couture is exclusively on developing an electronic cigarette for a fashion-oriented subset of female e-cig users. Aside from the designs on the Vapor Couture e-cigarette devices, most starter kits also feature a designer-like clutch to carry everything to vape on the go.

Laura Brandel , the founder of eCig Vision wrote the review and commented that it’s easy to not worry about the quality of Vapor Couture products since it utilizes V2 Cigs technology. Therefore 15% off any V2 Cigs products is a steal, which places this deal among the best released this year.

The review continues by mentioning the flavors offered by Vapor Couture. Brandel writes that she enjoyed three of the four flavors currently sold by the company and notes that the Passion Fruit flavor was lacking. The battery life is reliable but on the shorter end, mostly due to the small form factor lasting roughly 4 hours of frequent use.

This Vapor Couture coupon code granting 15% off all starters and 10% off all other orders isn’t likely to be around for long so hesitant buyers are encouraged to give the fashion-oriented e-cigarette company a try. For the other Vapor Couture coupons that are available, visit eCig Vision.

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