Electronic cigarette manufacturer and distributor, Vapor 4 Life has recently been reviewed by eCig Vision. The Vapor4life review explores the tobacco cigarette substitute and the company in particular. Primary contributing writer, Laura Brandel draws comparisons of what Vapor4Life has to offer to its growing number of competitors in the electronic cigarette industry. Like most e-cigarette companies, Vapor4Life does offer its share of electronic cigarette starter kits that include what’s necessary to get most users started. Brandel specifically recommends the Vapor4Life Ultimate Starter Kit for experienced electronic cigarette users since it comes packed with two extended life batteries.

Vapor for Life chose to not design the majority of their electronic cigarettes after traditional tobacco cigarettes but instead opted for a modern look. However, Vapor 4 Life does offer more traditional appearing e-cigs, which Brandel mentions isn’t the most appealing. Their electronic cigarettes were also noted as offering a wide selection of customization in the department of aesthetics with its multiple color options.

Another option not normally given by competitors is the chose between manual and automatic batteries. More experienced electronic cigarette users are likely to opt for the manual battery option since it typically produces more vapor and flavor when compared to the automatic. Automatic batteries are less of a hassle for the average user since all it requires is a drag to get started.

What’s disappointing about the hard case included in the Vapor4Life product line is that it’s just that, only a hard case. It isn’t a personal charge case like many other electronic cigarette companies are currently offering. The eCig Vision Vapor 4 Life review wraps up by mentioning that Vapor4Life’s flavors are reasonable, design is sufficient and battery should be enough for most.

eCig Vision is a website dedicated to providing electronic cigarette users with the most up-to-date reviews and discounts currently available. Laura Brandel launched the site in 2013 after she herself, quit tobacco cigarette for electronic cigarettes.

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