Totally Wicked is a global distributor of electronic cigarettes and accessories. E-cigarette review website, ecigr. explores what Totally Wicked has to offer and draws comparisons to their competitors. According to the review, Totally Wicked has become a prominent electronic cigarette company despite the growing number of small e-cig companies trying to lay claim to their own share of the rapidly expanding e-cig market. Totally Wicked has become well-known over the years for their tank-based electronic cigarette systems, commonly referred to as vapourisers.

The Totally Wicked review explores the Tornado Ego-C Slim Full Kit specifically due to its popularity among electronic cigarette users. Marketed at £59.99, the Ego-C Slim Full Kit includes 3x tank cartridges, 2x atomiser heads, 1x atomiser cone, 1x USB charge lead, 1x battery housing, 2x 360 mAh lithium batteries, 1x 10ml bottle of 18mg e-liquid. Primary ecigr. contributing writer, Alexis Carson draws comparisons of the Totally Wicked eGo-C Slim Kit with kits offered by Green Smoke and Jac Vapour. Carson mentions in her review that the entire kit is aesthetically appealing with clean lines and quality materials used throughout.

TotallyWicked offers a great deal of options in terms of their e-liquids but oddly enough, restricts buyers of their eGo-C Slim Full Kit to tobacco or menthol. Perhaps this is an attempt at attracting traditional tobacco cigarette smokers rather than veteran e-cig users to their starter kits. Carson commented only on the tobacco flavour, which she found pleasant. Battery life was noted as being nothing spectacular and users will quickly realize that they need two fully charged batteries to get them through their day. All in all, Carson’s review favours the Totally Wicked e-cig eGo-C Slim Full Kit.

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