Mike Ward, CMO of the ECigs Store, announced that her firm is offering a free trial of the firm’s popular ECig. The device offers a healthier alternative to smoking than conventional smaokes. They’re being used successfully as part of smoking cessation programs.

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The ECigs Store provides a one-stop informational resource for those new to the world of ecigs and those who are already enjoying the devices. The site offers news about vaping, new product announcements and user reviews, along with promotions and information on a myriad of electronic cigarette brands to assist consumers in making informed choices.

The use of electronic cigarettes is gaining in popularity around the world as smokers are finding more venues closed to them as a result of non-smoking laws. Ecigs can be enjoyed in locations where smoking is prohibited, since they emit no smoke or second hand smoke. The devices deliver a puff of nicotine combined with water vapor and contain no tobacco. They’re odorless, don’t stain dental work, or leave tar-filled residue on clothing, furnishings or in vehicles.

The devices are non-polluting and eco-friendly. Ecigarettes release no smoke into the air, and there’s no messy ash or cigarette butts to litter the ground. Ecigs are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, eliminating lighters, matches, flames, and accidental fires started by smoldering cigarettes.

Visitors to the ECig Store will find a wealth of information that addresses the pros and cons of traditional smokes and electronic cigarettes. The site monitors anti-smoking laws and regulations and reports on issues that have the potential to affect regular smokers and vapers.

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The ECigs Store is a one-stop destination for news, information, reviews and free offers for ECigs. The site endeavors to be a reliable resource to assist consumers in making informed choices about E Cigs.

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