Probably the biggest challenge with éclairage de magasin comes from the fact that these spaces are built with high ceilings that reduce the quality of light and increase electricity bills. A poor illuminating system will result in a tiring environment that can keep customers away from your store. Luckily, a cost-effective and environmental friendly solution is given by éclairage LED, a lighting technology that is second to none when it comes to efficiency, performance and durability.


Lighting big spaces require qualitative and energy efficient solutions, as they can be operating even 24/7, which makes light an essential aspect of their existence. Regularly, commercial spaces, deposits, factories, warehouses or even schools have big rooms with high ceilings. A poor lighting design will result in a bad quality of the light. Not even excessive brightness is recommended because it can become a real burden for those working there or passing by. If you own a shop, having a tiring illumination system can turn shopping into a challenge for your customers.


Another problem encountered when it comes to éclairage de magasin is the improper distribution of light. This can also tire the eyes of those passing by, which can make them avoid your commercial spaces for the future. Using illuminating devices that are more diffused can be a practical solution, but placing your luminaries correctly is essential. They can be set to distribute more light on the walls, while some fixtures that provide uplight will create a pleasant effect. Of course, a well-designed illuminating system will be worth nothing if the surfaces are not painted appropriately. Light colors are recommended for the walls in commercial spaces, as they reflect the light better than the others.


Designing your lighting system is not the only problem with large rooms. Intense energy consumption due to high lumen ratings and constantly changing light bulbs will increase your bills and costs. Besides that, if you have high ceilings, changing the bulbs will also require paying the lifts and you definitely can’t afford to that for every bulb that is burned. All in all, lighting maintenance costs can raise more than you have initially expended, causing you to lose a big part of your profit.


It is advisable to switch to a much more energy-efficient source of light, such as éclairage LED. This modern technology uses electroluminescence and semiconductors to produce photons and its advantage comes with the fact that it can last up to 40 times longer than incandescent bulbs, while consuming 10 times less electricity. This makes it not only an efficient source of energy, but also an environmental friendly illuminating device. Considering its durability, performance and energy savings, éclairage LED is the perfect solution for large, commercial spaces. Besides that, these bulbs are using no mercury and they lower gas emissions, helping reducing the carbon footprint.


Because every client is unique and requires different éclairage de magasin solutions, Lumenco is a company that makes a mission from providing innovative éclairage LED products.