As the proliferation of the internet continues to swell into all corners of business, so too does the growing world of ecommerce and the endless products, discussions, ideas and opinions surrounding this specific business model. Enter, a newly launched website designed as an informational hub for all things ecommerce, with a special emphasis on drop shipping.

In recent years, drop shipping has become one of the most popular forms of marketing and selling physical products via the Internet, so it fits nicely with’s target audience

“There are many online retailers who have mastered the art of drop shipping, be it small independent solo entrepreneurs or, thus making it possible for countless would-be entrepreneurs to launch their own online stores and start generating healthy, passive income,” Tim Griffiths, writer for says. “Our website is quickly becoming known for its helpfulness to those navigating the world of drop shipping and ecommerce in general, and we’re very encouraged by the overall response to the website.”

Those interested should visit frequently for all the latest conversations, insights, and pointers on ecommerce as well as in-depth reviews of popular training programs such as Store Coach and Drop Ship Lifestyle. The website is planning to launch social media channels as well in the near future.


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