Nanjing City, China; 05, October 2015: In order to enjoy the warmth and coziness during chilly winters, people need to install heating systems in their homes. Most of the traditional heating systems are the energy guzzlers that result in hefty electricity bills every month. To address the need of indoor heating in an energy saving manner, ECOWAY ENERGY Engineering Company introduces infrared heating panels and heating systems that consume very less energy and help maintain the a desired level of warmth inside a home or a building.

The company has a variety of infrared heating systems that could be installed in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and other places. Besides, the infrared heating brings a healthy and comfortable way of heating. It prevents mould growth and thus useful for people suffering from asthma and bronchial diseases. Moreover, it doesn’t heat up the environment and creates body warmth in a comfortable manner.

ECOWAY ENERGY has the infrared Bath room heater that offers a pleasant feeling of warmth while one enjoys the shower. They have different types of heating panels for the bathroom available in different sizes, shapes and designs. Available in various colors and in decorative forms, one can choose a bathroom heating panel that can match the interiors and enhance the aesthetic value of the bathroom. They have glass infrared heating panels, mirror infrared heating panels and other types of heating systems for the bathroom.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they have infrared heating panels in different dimensions that can be used to enhance the value of the home décor. The decoration painting with heating system can be installed in the living rooms for decorating purposes and it will also maintain the warmth inside the room. Thus, these infrared heating panels serve the dual purpose and are highly popular among the modern homeowners.

They also have a great IR panel heater range that can be used to fill a room with the warmth and comfort. The PET/Aluminum panels are available in classic designs and can be used alone or with other panels. With a clean and opaque surface, it can easily match the décor of a home. The panels are available in different sizes with different energy consumption levels. To learn more about the energy-efficient heating systems that the company has one can visit the website

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ECOWAY ENERGY offers a range of infrared heating systems for domestic as well as public and commercial use. The heating systems are easy to install and can save a significant amount of energy. The company also designs custom infrared heating systems as per the requirements of the clients.

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