China - If the oil painting could be properly preserved, it can be kept at the same color for hundreds of years. On the contrary, the color layer will occur the phenomenon of cracking, loss and discoloration. How to properly store the handmade oil painting? Now, the editor from which is the world famous online supplier for any sorts of oil painting reproductions will introduce with people these necessary factors for better keeping these art works.

First, the long term and directly sunlight should be totally avoided because the ultraviolet into the sunlight will cause into huge devastating to colors. It could cause into the phenomenon of fading and discoloration.

Second, people need to pay attention to ventilation and moisture of their home. The oil painting reproduction must be kept away from bathroom and kitchen. Furthermore, people need to pay attention to prevent dust, soot and mildew which will cause damage to the canvas. The wet paint must be dried slowly and the high heat drying must be totally avoided.

Third, two painting must not be putted face to face or it will cause into the screen adhesions once temperatures enhancing. The paint off and screen damage will be easily caused by this wrong action.

If people find that the which hang on the wall polluted by dust, people can use the damp cloth to gently wipe the screen. If the above there is smoke and oil stain, then people can use the little soap water to scrub these stains off gently. After all of these steps, people need to quickly take things to absorb and dry the water on the screen. If you people ordered the manual cracked oil paintings from, they must be use less water and the dry rubbing and cleaning is Okay. Some people buy professional Varnish to do oil painting maintenance, which is possible, but before spraying for the varnish, it must be sure to use a clean cloth to wipe the screen.

Last but not least, the general keeping and saving tie for the handmade oil painting is two or three hundred years. As time goes on, some painting will have the local cracking phenomenon. So, if people own many oil painting reproductions from, they can wrap some unnecessary pieces with plastic sheeting and place them in wooden boxes to prevent bruising or other unimaginable damage.

In the end, the editor from hope each art lover who ever purchased oil painting reproduction from their online shop could take carefully note to above points.

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