USA; 08/14/2013: Often, unwanted pests like rodents and mice can infest your homes and cause great inconvenience to the homeowners. Such infestations can not only damage your belongings but also pose dangers to the health of your family members. Mice extermination is easier said than done; nonetheless, there are currently numerous methods to eliminate these rodents. When searching for methods to eliminate these pests, you need to take into account ways that will not only eradicate the problem immediately but overcome the situation permanently. 

Owners are advised to adopt methods that prevent such infestations to avoid the possible damages that can be caused by these pests. You should keep your homes and offices clean and ensure no food particles are left around tables and floors. If you still have an infestation, you need to find effective ways to send these pests out of your premises. Conventional methods like traps, repellents, and poisons are commonly used to get rid of mice

Using repelling odors, such as mothballs or ammonia helps to keep these pests away. However, one major disadvantage of this option is that the smell is unbearable even to people and therefore, may not be a good option. Alternatively, one can use more refreshing smells like peppermint that is abhorred by mice to keep them away. Sometimes using onions is also an effective way to keep the rodents out of your homes and offices. Rats have an excellent sense of smell, which is why using odors that are repelling will keep them away and is a common option when you are looking for ways on how to get rid of mice

Another option that is available for getting rid of mice is through the use of traps. These traps can be placed in any location and prevent the growth of these rodents. Sometimes using bucket traps acts as an effective way to eradicate such problems; these traps force the rats to fall down and drown in the water. Snap traps are also widely used to capture mice; such devices have specialized triggers that is visible only after the rats try to grab the attached food capturing them. Glue boards are another effective method is capturing such rodents; however, you need to take care about their placement to ensure your kids or pets are not caught in these. 

Zapper traps are a more effective and safer option to get rid of mice in the house. These traps are small structures that entice the rats to get in. Once the rat passes through some specific spots, it releases an electric current that instantly kills the rodents. Another quick and efficient method used to eliminate pest infestations is the use of poison, which will kill the rats after consumption. However, one major drawback of such poisons is that the rats may die in some locations where they cannot be found and leave an extremely foul smell. Or your pet may consume the dead rat and in turn be affected due to the poison. 

Lastly calling in professional experts when looking for ways on how to exterminate mice is recommended. Such professionals use advanced techniques to eradicate the problem and ensure it does not recur. 


Mice extermination is not an easy option but can be done when you use some reliable techniques. There are several methods, such as poison, traps, and glue boards when you are looking for methods to get rid of mice.