New York, USA; 14th January, 2014 You need no introduction to Gary Chapman because he is among the most publicized figures in the media and author of literary works relevant to human relationship. The author’s primary focus on relations between married couples has immensely helped thousands of marriages from breaking up. His highly acclaimed and well narrated publication “The 5 love languages” has been registering tremendous sales figure, according to the market survey for book sales because it delves deep into the reasons that primarily break up marriages and offer counseling on how to fix a relationship that is going bad.

Several factors contribute to the longevity of a marriage and one of them is the communication between a couple that in time peters out to monosyllabic conversation thus effectively obstructing the development of a bond between the partners. This indicates the crucial nature of love languages between partners being positive and consistent. Dr. Chapman builds bridges to close the gaps created by indifference between by couple by offering tips on how to save a marriage.

The tremendous reader response and feedback from benefitted couples on the forums and review sites comprehensively point out the effectiveness of the book and show way to couples who are leading a rudderless life. There are married people who fail to know their partners, even after years of married life, hence become unsuccessful to strike chord with their respective partners. Gary Chapman with his astounding knowledge and experience to read the minds of couples comes up with truly astonishing, making up techniques and counseling with this book that all concerned will find it a useful guide to correct the wrongs in their lives. is the place where you can find the book to order and visiting the website would also reveal what the book actually contains and how useful it is for couples to keep their marriages intact. The site also features useful information and videos on how to mend a relation that is falling apart. By reading the book you will find out how the second phase of life in a married couple is to be kept alive by practicing love and passion. Market surveys also reveal that the book has been a tremendous success and has been able to help out fading marriages and recreate the former magic in couple’s lives.

If you are going through the same kind of experience in your life then the 5 love languages might the savior who would resurrect the breaking relation and make it last long? A married couple requires to sustain healthy passion level throughout their married life and not many of them know how to. But with the counseling offered by Dr. Chapman in his book on how to save a marriage one would surely learn how to invoke and maintain passion in a relationship.

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