China; 12, January 2015: SYM Electronics have launched in the market a series of high powered USB chargers, power adapter and switching power supply chargers. All these products are easy to use and consume less electricity. These chargers if used will help to recharge any electronic devices such as mobiles, laptops and emergency lights within a very short time. These chargers will not burden the consumers with additional electricity costs. The Company launches high quality USB chargers of various models with different price tags. The various models of the USB chargers mainly include 5V1A USB charger. This USB charger has the input capacity of 100-240 V AC. It can be used to recharge iphone, ipad, smart phones and many more. The charger generates 5V1A of currents to any devices. These chargers are very safe to use as they provide full protection from short circuiting and other mechanical problems. This charger has the output voltage capacity of DC5V. The Company takes full responsibility of product delivery within the stipulated time. This charger at the same time can modify its charging capacity to 5v power supply. The charger is mostly used to recharge cell batteries, Wi-Fi connections and so on.

SYM Electronics’ next electrical product item is power adapters of different consuming capacities. The power adapter launched by the Company can consume 95-265 volts of current. The adapter can generate 12v power supply very efficiently. The Company ensures a speedy delivery of this item to its users. The various product models include the 12V 1A power adapter for closed cicuit devices and other devices, 12V 1A desktop power adapter, ABS World power adapter and so on. The 12v 1a desktop power adapter has the input current consumption capacity of 95-265v and is most suitable laptop charging. The output capacity of the device is 12v 1a. It can withstand maximum temperature of 70 degree. The charger is shock proof and has the capacity to modify its body temperature. It can be kept in minimum temperature as well as maximum temperature. The adapter can be used to recharge the LED lighting products. The product has also gone through 100% full loading system efficiently. As such its service utility cannot be questioned in any way.

The other notable electronic product of the SYM Electronics is the 300w 12v switch power supply. This product is also available in other models such as AC 110V/220V to DC 24 V Transformer Switch Power Supply, 360W 15A AC 110V/220V Switch Power Supply and many more. All these products have the input current consumption capacity of 110-220v and are very durable and fast in recharging. All these products have dual input current consumption ability. These rechargers can withstand maximum heat and are very much shock proof.

About the Sym Electronics:

Sym electronics is a leading manufacturer of quality power adapter manufacturer and never compromise on its product quality. They have various power adapters and USB chargers being sold at cost effective prices.

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