eFileReady, a leading e-filing specialist providing an exceptionally user friendly system to e-file to HMRC and Companies House has announced that they are the very first company to have gained PAYE Recognition for Real Time Information (RTI) from the UK tax authority, HMRC. HMRC have published the list of commercial software tested and gained PAYE- RTI Recognition on their website http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/softwaredevelopers/paye/rti-software-forms.htm.

RTI requires you to e-file various documents to HMRC from April 2013 onwards. The good news is that www.efileready.com has simplified the e-filing process for you. The eFileReady system is now fully ready for both the current End of Year (EOY) and for RTI return services. You can do your current EOY with eFileReady, the same as in previous years, and from April 2012 you can also use the eFileReady system for RTI returns if you are participating in the HMRC pilot scheme.

The process for e-filing RTI returns using eFileReady is simple. You do not need any knowledge of the underlying technology, as the system is accessed via a normal web browser. You simply download a spreadsheet template which defines all the data you require, then extract the data from your system and place it into the spreadsheet and further upload it back to the www.efileready.com server. The server will then automatically convert your data into HMRC‘s required XML format and e-file it for you automatically.

eFileReady‘s CEO, Juan Ho, commented: “We are delighted that we are the first company to be recognised by HMRC for PAYE- RTI Recognition. Over recent years we had been able to demonstrate our products full potential by gaining various HMRC Recognitions for CIS, CT, iXBRL, Pension Returns etc., which has provoked very positive feedback from our existing customers. With this recognition in the background, the Company will strive further to exceed our customers‘ expectations by providing other high quality, user-friendly e-filing products and services”

About eFileReady Ltd.
eFileReady is an e-filing specialist providing an exceptionally user friendly e-filing system allowing you to e-file almost every document you need to the HMRC and Companies House with ease. The system saves you from complicated XML e-filing processes because it is equipped with data conversion intelligence that can automatically convert your data to the HMRC and Companies House required XML or iXBRL formats.
See http://www.efileready.com for more details.

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