Chicago, IL — New business owners can feel like they are swimming among the sharks and that they do not have a life line to help them get where they need to go. While they are floundering about, time and money are wasted, and what started out as a nice dream quickly becomes an inescapable nightmare. Fortunately, Kevin Harrington, one of the original members of ABC’s hit series, “Shark Tank”, has the solution. With the launch of eFreedom, Harrington and his business partner, Cherif Medawar, offer training and education for entrepreneurs at every level of experience.

Attendees to the free seminar, eFreedom: Get the Entrepreneurial Edge, will learn the tools and tricks that they need to grow their business from its infancy into a thriving company. Business owners will learn about the six stages that every business goes through, starting with the dream or idea that becomes the foundation of the company, through to being able to relax and enjoy the fruits of the business. In the middle are the transition phases where business owners can get tripped up and see their business spin out of control. Each step in the process is vital to the development of a good business model, and business owners will learn what it takes to make it through each step and how to avoid getting bogged down as they move forward.

One of the things that business owners will take from the eFreedom seminar is the courage to stick with their instincts and take a risk. Business owners know their own company better than anyone, but too often they feel constrained and unable to take charge of the direction of the company. With the lessons learned at the seminar, business owners will be empowered to go back and take control of their own dreams, and their own visions, and turn those ideas into more profitable and larger businesses. No longer will they feel like the business is running them, because they will have a better understanding of what it takes to guide a business through the growth process.

To get access to the seminar, interested business owners need to go to and register for a nearby event. The first seminars are coming to San Francisco, Los Angles, Miami and Washington, DC with plans to expand the program all across the nation. The seminar only takes two hours, but the lessons that are learned will last a lifetime and take some of the burden out of running a successful business. Because of their proven track record of success in investing and starting new companies, Kevin Harrington and Cherif Medawar offer a unique perspective and expertise that any business owner, green or veteran, can learn from.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit to register for the free two-hour seminar.