Chicago, IL — A new year usually brings all kinds of resolutions, and many entrepreneurs will commit to taking their ideas to the next level to start their own business. With the right guidance and the right ideas these entrepreneurs will be able to find financial freedom and a path to true wealth that is not accessible when working for someone else. Kevin Harrington and Cherif Medawar of eFreedom are bringing the guidance that new business owners need in order to be successful.

In 2013 Harrington and Medawar launched the free eFreedom seminars as a way to teach business owners what they need to do in order to grow their companies. Kevin Harrington, former panelist on ABC’s Shark Tank, helps to provide insight about marketing and branding a company to make it more attractive to potential customers. Cherif Medawar is an expert in business finance and wealth creation, and he instructs attendees on the things that they can do to keep their companies cash flow positive, while keeping plenty of capital available for growth.

The eFreedom seminars will continue in 2014 with seminar dates all over the country. Business owners who wish to attend can find dates in their area, as well as a registration form at . In addition to enrolling for one of the upcoming seminars, entrepreneurs can get started on their learning with access to a free downloadable copy of Kevin Harrington’s book Act Now!.

People who have an idea for a new business or product should take some initiative in 2014 and start the year off right. The longer an idea goes without being realized, the harder it will be to get started and the more likely it is that someone else will be able to get to the market first, so it is vital to act quickly. Attending an eFreedom seminar gives business owners the tools that they need to be successful in their business endeavors and can change that entrepreneur’s life forever.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit to register for the free two-hour seminar.