Chicago, IL — Many potential entrepreneurs never get their companies off the ground because they are too scared to do so, and as a result they spend their lives working for others instead of building their own business. Kevin Harrington and Cherif Medawar, founders of eFreedom, are committed to helping entrepreneurs get the knowledge and assistance that they need to make their ideas become a reality. In 2014 Harrington and Medawar will be bringing their expertise to even more people all across North America.

Through the eFreedom seminar business owners will learn about all of the facets of business and the importance of a wide variety of business growth strategies from the idea stage through to more advanced techniques. This is important, especially for a new business owner, as many people who start their first business do not understand the need for things like SEO or the need for marketing in a small business and can get lost in the sea of business-speak that conferences tend to use. The simple language and high energy of the eFreedom seminars make them accessible and interesting for any business owner.

The 2013 eFreedom seminars in the United States saw thousands of business owners gain new insights and tools to take charge of their business futures and get a taste of what it is like to work for themselves. At potential entrepreneurs will find the latest listings for eFreedom seminars in 2014, and by calling 407.641.1731 business owners can find out more about the next seminar coming to their area. Business owners who sign up for the seminar will also be given free downloadable copies of Kevin Harrington’s newest book, Act Now!, which gives a preview of some of the information that will be covered in the seminar. Anyone who wants to start or build a business will find something useful in the information provided.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit to register for the free two-hour seminar.