The strength to stand out of the crowd is only possessed by a few. They are not afraid of being judged or misunderstood, criticized or ridiculed. They follow their heart, they take risks and are not afraid of the outcomes. When anything becomes mundane, and so, much so that a feeling of stagnation creeps in, it is definitely a signal that things can do with a little bit of change. And within the Indian society there are many such instances where we have witnessed in the past some amazing examples of people who took up the challenge, did something unique and applied their strengths to make a difference. Here’s presenting a new talk show that speaks of hope and resurgence and unravels a single individual’s power to initiate a positive social change. To know more about these people who alone were capable of building up their own universe, tune into ‘Ekla Chalo Re’ starting 26th—27th December 2014, every Friday 8pm and Saturday 8pm & 11pm, exclusively on IBN-Lokmat

An individual’s power to initiate a positive social change is mostly underestimated; however our country has produced various examples of such amazing personalities who have applied their strengths to the betterment of the society. In the past we have seen people like Mahatma Gandhi using his power of nonviolence to lead a country towards freedom from a tyranny of over 200 years. In the modern day today, there is no lack of such examples. Right from Shashikant Dogre, a young artisit par excellence who has carved a niche in the field of pencil art, to Shri Sakat Guruji, a man who has worked relentlessly towards the issues relating education and then we have people like Girish Kulkarni and Dr Wadhwani who have worked towards the cause of AIDS and mental health. These are some extraordinary men with extraordinary stories who will be featured in the show amongst many others belonging to diverse field and will be elaborating about their contribution through their efforts. Most TV shows today focus on the milestones achieved by such individuals and not the journey, the hardships they faced, the success they tasted and the inspiration that drove them. The show Ekla Chalo Re, an hour long talk show will focus on such people who have emerged from every walk of life and done something to impact others and lead by example.

Based within the vicinity of the real life environment of the chosen heroes, the show highlights the ways in which ordinary men can do extraordinary things to help the humankind survive. Every interviewee is an oasis of hope. Tune into ‘Ekla Chalo Re’ starting 26th-27th December 2014, every Friday 8pm and Saturday 8pm & 11pm, exclusively on IBN-Lokmat. Witness how some people have mounted over challenges and have risen above all odds to carve a universe for themselves and hope for a better tomorrow for others.