Traditional systems of water management are found in different regions of India. Witness how Manish M. Rajankar is working towards his goals and hear his exciting journey of water management on Ekla Chalo re this Saturday, 8th Aug 2015, 12noon & 8 pm.​

Background Water harvesting is an age-old concept in India. Traditional systems are specific responses to ecology and culture of the region in which they evolved. Traditional systems have benefited from collective human experience since time immemorial and in this lies their biggest strength. This man is relentlessly working on the same to fulfil his goal.

Manish M. Rajankar is now working as Project Director and Joint Secretary, with Bhandara Nisarga Va Sanskruti Abhyas Mandal in Bhandara, Gondiya district of Maharashtra for revival of traditional principles of water management. He is also working with Dhiwar (traditional fishermen) community through fishing cooperative societies for conservation and sustainable use of freshwater biodiversity. Working as Convenor of the Vidarbha Pani Pariwar.  He continues to work with passion. To know more about Manish M. Rajankar’s unique discoveries so far, tune into Ekla Chalo Re this Saturday, 8th Aug 2015, 12 noon & 8 pm exclusively on IBN-Lokmat.