Ekya School successfully entered into their second year and have announced the commencement of the admission process for the third year (2014-2015)! Ekya was founded in 2010 with the unique school motto, ‘Together as One’. Approximately 700 students now study at Ekya Schools, with two school campuses in Bangalore. Ekya means unity and togetherness. The school is supported by the CMR Group and National Public Schools

The Advisory Board at Ekya has renowned and distinguished individuals like Dr. K. P. Gopalkrishna – Founder & Chairman, National Public Schools, Mrs. Shanthamma Gopalkrishna – Dean, National Public Schools | Mentor, Ekya School, Mr. K. C. Ramamurthy (IPS) – Chairman, CMR Group of Institutions, Dr. Sabitha Ramamurthy – President, CMR Jnanadhara Trust | Head, Ekya Board of Governors and Tristha Ramamurthy – Vice President, CMR Group of Institutions | Executive Director, Ekya Schools.

Togetherness is not a mere term but the way of life in Ekya, as is evident in all aspects.From day one, the students and teachers have embarked on a unique and wonderful journey of discovering different facets of the curricular and co curricular content, in the true spirit of togetherness.This is also enriched by the activity based learning, Making Learning Visible, use of worksheets and graphic organisers, hands on experiential learning, and an Inquiry based approach. This ensures that the natural curiosity of the students is encouraged, not stymied. It is also enriched and reinforced by programmes like “Capturing Kid’s Hearts”, “Experts at Ekya”, “Love to Read”, to name a few.The in-house Learning Centre and Teachers’ Resource Facility are efficiently used to ensure regular and significant development of Faculty and Curriculum for the students.The Ekya experience focuses on developing various skills in students to make them independent thinkers and prepare them to become responsible citizens of tomorrow.

The feedback from parents- ‘nice way to teach how to work as a team’, ’thanks for turning my son into a teacher- I have started learning a lot these days’, ‘lovely atmosphere’ sums it up!


Within a short span of a decade,CMR PUC has gained repute and acclaim in every field, making it one of the most sought after institutions, in Bangalore.

Thanks to a perfect blend of “College curriculum with School environment” approach, it has been declared aTop Achiever by the Karnataka Pre- University Board for the consistent and excellent academic Results (it is in the top 1 percentile of the total 3833 colleges in Karnataka).

The concept of uniform and limited students per classroom not only induced discipline, but helped in confidence building / talent tapping and character moulding of this prime age.The college thus has been successful in student initiatives likethe ‘In -House Magazine’ and ‘Home – Production Play’.

The ideal college timing (from 8.30 to 1.30) and the professional coaching for various Entrance Exam – IIT/ PMPD/ CET/ CPT/ CLAT etc. offered within the campus is yet another reason for the popularity of the institution ,with students qualifying ,every year , in all the above mentioned entrance exams.

Ekya announced the opening of CMRPU College @ the ITPL Campus from the forthcoming academic year 2014-15, wholly managed by the parent college. The campus is designed by renowned architect – Sanjay Mohe. One of the leading state-of-art education facilities, the school got featured in magazines such as A&D.

Ekya Schools at Bangalore, a part of CMR and NPS – Schools in JP Nagar, Schools in ITPL

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