Since 18 June 2015 when Airwheel convened its first new product release conference this year, Airwheel had rolled out two new models. The two new sibbuce model can be termed as epoch-making products. They are the electric two-wheeled scooter S5 and the electric self-balancing scooter A3. For the whole scooter sector and Airwheel itself, this is another important stride in the scoter design and technology.

S5 is an upgraded version of S-series. It inherits some elements from S3, which was launched last year. It adopts a larger battery and 16-inch-large wheel hubs. With the help of the advanced equipment, S5 can run further and for a longer time. The 16-inch-large wheel hubs enable S5 to negotiate any rugged or bumpy path. The core goal of S5 is to create a personal exclusive SUV scooter. Believably, S5 has to live up to users’ expectation.

Another launched model, A3 breaks through in its riding mode. It innovates the sitting-posture riding mode. Unlike the majority of scooters in the market, a rider will feel fatigued after a long ride. What's more, the hydraulic suspension is introduced in A3. The adoption of hydraulic suspension is effective enough to abate the impact and vibration in riding so that one can enjoy the comfortable ride.

Nowadays, the smart phone prevails. Any electronic device is trying to be connected into phone through which the user can operate the device conveniently. There is the very need for A3 to keep up with the pace of time. A3 builds the intelligent system inside. The user can connect his scooter into his phone via APP. On the APP, he could lock/unlock A3, position A3 via GPS and take an overall view of the data, e.g. mileage and power capacity.

The progress made by Airwheel is remarkably massive. Year’s effort bears fruit. Therefore, the popularity and publicity of Airwheel is a belated gift, other than a windfall.

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