20, August 2015: In the past three years, Airwheel has brought consumers with many amazing intelligent scooters, and many Airwheel models have become the successes in the market. But for Airwheel intelligent scooters, the true innovation is that Airwheel is never satisfied with the present successes and worker harder for better products. Recently, Airwheel showed people its powerful gene of innovation with A series sitting-posture intelligent scooters.


Airwheel A3, the first model of Airwheel A series sitting-posture scooters, is innovative in its ergonomic genuine leather seat which is the most innovative design since the intelligent self-balancing scooters were invented. The sitting-posture riding of electric scooters is invented by Airwheel. Preserving on the ideas of offering more comfort to consumers, Airwheel developed electronic brake system and professional hydraulic suspension system. The elegant riding comes from the electronic brake system which enables people to brake with only one finger. The hydraulic suspension system make the seat perfectly match riders’ sitting postures.

With the realization of sitting-posture riding, the long-distance riding is possible for riders. Basically in previous models, all riders need to stand and tilt slightly to ride Airwheel intelligent scooters. But now for Airwheel A3 the control styles are similar with that of motor cars, but the convenience and eco-friendly features are also reserved in Airwheel A3. Also the Airwheel A3 is designed with the styles which are both elegant and sporty. For girls, the Airwheel A3 matches all their dressing styles. Though Airwheel A3 are totally different from previous Airwheel models, they are also the powerful vehicles to conquer tough road conditions. Airwheel A3 are the “mighty hearts” with elegant appearances.


The road of innovation is the endless conquest for human beings. And Airwheel devotes itself to offering consumers more good products. Airwheel A3 are not the start nor the end. People are waiting to see how Airwheel will amaze the world again.

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