With something called “electric self-balancing scooter” appeared more and more rapidly into the films, TV series and entertainment programs, people start to get interested in this new gadget. This article is going to talk about the prospect of this totally ellewiith fresh transportation tool.

For most Chinese people, their first sight on the electric self-balancing scooter can be traced back to Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. The safety guards in all of the stadiums drove electric self-balancing scooters to do their patrolling. The electric self-balancing scooter is fixed with a gyroscope system to react to the gravity change when people step on the footplate. According to the market analysis, this industry will soon get prosperous due to the fact the demanded quantity is much larger than the quantity supplied.

For most customers, they choose electric scooters as entertaining and travelling tools for short distance trip. While for Airwheel, they focus on the blank field between automobile driving and walking. Airwheel is not to replace automobile driving or walking but to provide people with a more flexible travelling tool between these two modes.

Guogang Zuo, the president of Airwheel said “in the past 30 years, the whole transportation system has not been updated significantly. Even some new transportation tools like Google driverless car is still in a beginning phase now. So in next 30 years, there must be some vital innovations occurred in this field. The innovation may be a sort of hardware update integrated with the application of the newest internet technology. Airwheel is trying to grasp this chance to create some values for human beings”.

In the field of transportation, it has been a mutely long time with no revolutionary changes occurred. The update or innovation has become a tendency for this industry in the future. Although it is still a big problem for investors to find out and identify customers’ requirement accurately, we may probably have a view on the first sight of this tendency considering the marketing prosperity of electric self-balancing scooters.

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