Electricity has amazing healing properties and amazing healing powers.



New Lenox, Il, 10/10/2015 — According to James Matthew of Miracle Alternatives, LLC it is a proven fact the electricity, electro negative electricity and electrical frequencies all have amazing healing powers.

As James states the foundation of many holistic health machines that they sell use electricity to treat those suffering from unwanted and even life-threatening conditions.

The range of electrical frequencies, and the amount of voltage can help treat and heal illness, sickness, disease, pain and more.
Hard-to-heal wounds, like ulcers, bone fractures, open wounds, become worse because of an insufficient blood supply going to the wound. However, the application of an electrical stimulus can increase the blood supply and oxygen leading to the blood vessels, and new research suggests the best method to stimulate the healing process is to uses more electricity and or frequencies to hopefully heal the condition.

Naturally-occurring electricity and vibration in our cells are important to how our bodies work properly, and that includes the healing of wounds. And externally applied low-amplitude electric fields have been shown to help hard-to-heal chronic wounds, like those associated with diabetes, illness, sickness, diseases where there are insufficient blood and oxygen supply and drug treatments are not effective. The externally applied electric field manipulates the body's naturally-occurring electricity, such that the new vessels are formed, and blood supply to the wound is increased.

As James states there are different ways of treating sickness, illness, disease, pain, bone fractures and wounds.
The foundation of the healing properties is actually very natural says James.
James adds the we as human beings are made of electricity. When we are sick, or have any unhealthy condition, our bodies already know this. Our bodies are trying to use its natural healing powers to cure the condition. However, sometimes, our bodies cannot generate enough of its natural electricity and or frequencies in order the heal the condition.
Therefore, by using more electricity and or frequencies that are extremely powerful, such as 60,000 volts of electro static negative energy this would create more oxygen into one's bodies blood vesicles thus speeding the body's natural healing properties.
If your body's cell frequencies are weak, almost dead or just vibrating at the wrong frequency, various holistic health machines are able to treat the unwanted conditions.

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Summary: As James Matthew states, our company Miracle Alternatives, LLC sells several holistic health machines that use various forms of electricity to treat and hopefully cure the unwanted dangerous health condition.
Autoimmune Disease
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Kidney Diseases
Muscular Dystrophy
Yeast Infections
Lyme Disease
Mental Illness
Bipolar Disorder
Legal disclaimer: We make no claims or guarantee's that this machine or any of our machines will help or cure any of the above.

Here are a few holistic health machines that are based on the healing powers of electricity;
The Miracle Rife, the Miracle Globe, The Miracle Wand, The Miracle Gen, the Pyroenergen II.
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