A new website called System Intensive is a forum for discussion of electronic cigarettes. This forum allows for discussion of electronic cigarette brands and the general use of electronic cigarettes as a whole. This forum is designed to generate new discussion about the uses of electronic cigarettes and to help spread the news about new products, services, and discounts available for e-cig brands.

The electronic cigarette is designed to be an alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarette. Instead of using tobacco, an electronic cigarette or e-cig uses flavor liquid instead that may or may not contain nicotine. The e-cig itself has the overall appearance and shape of what may be called a normal tobacco cigarette, but instead contains the flavor liquid, rechargeable battery and heating element.

When the smoker draws in on an e-cigarette, the heating mechanics turns the tasteful liquid into water vapor which is then drawn into the lungs. Since there is no tobacco or carcinogens present, the e-cig is safe to use in public places.

The System Intensive electronic cigarette forum is open to discussion about the major uses of the electronic cigarette, which is generally as a alternative to tobacco products and a way to kick the smoking habit altogether. The forum is also designed to help spread the news of new e-cig products, services and discounts where consumers can save money on the purchase of new electronic cigarettes.

For more information about the new System Intensive forum for the discussion of electronic cigarettes, visit SystemIntensive.com .

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